You know the only drawback to living in a house full of morbid remains and similar artwork and movie posters etc? Then you have to dust all that stuff. I’m sneezing right now ’cause I had the day off (sort of ) and decided to clean the movie room. Someday I might want to have friends over, after all and everything has (had) like an inch (not literally) of dust on it. I hear my G’ma’s voice again in my head about my housekeeping and I’m remembering that poem about Agatha Morley.

My writing collects dust, too. All of my¬†printed pieces that have been critqued are in different¬†baskets and boxes and on various surfaces. My “In Our Tribe” is collecting metaphorical dust ’cause I haven’t touched it in days. Maybe I should be doing that instead of arm wrestling dust bunnies and losing. =]

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2 Responses to Dusting

  1. I know the feeling.

  2. Denise says:

    I know! Right after I made a committment to attempt a chapter a week (or two if abso-necessary) I stopped working on my chapters to do editing and a synopsis. Ugh.

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