Tina Wahl’s Writing

With influences such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, Shirley Jackson and Neil Gaiman, it is no wonder that Tina Wahl has developed a flair for “in your face” horror and catastrophic fiction in her own writing. As she puts it, “I’ve always enjoyed creepy things, scary things and decaying things.”

To get a taste of her style, you are invited to download a free excerpt from her short story “Gas Warfare”.

Graveyard DirtIf you like that, you will enjoy her novel Graveyard Dirt. In the story, Pennsylvania resident Judith Romanski is accustomed to seeing ghosts. But when her deceased neighbor Mr. Sawicki appears in her backyard with a message, Judith is propelled into a search for answers that could endanger her family.

When asked what inspired Graveyard Dirt, she explains that she had an image in her mind of a ghost standing behind a house; mouth wide in a silent scream. She then imagined a character that wouldn’t find this disturbing at all, just something you might find everyday in your backyard.

Readers have described Graveyard Dirt as a compelling story, impossible to put down.